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You are an outdoor brand who has exceptional manufacturing and quality standards and who cares about how your products and practices affect humans and the environment.


You want to partner with an advertising team who not only gets results but who has gained skills and proficiency working with many different outdoor brands in order to draw from a broad dataset, testing ground, and experience base.

We work with amazing brands.

We've been working with Mycelium for almost a year now and they have been a big part of our successful US expansion. They have a great level of detail, are always there for us and add a tremendous amount of value to our business. What I love the most is that they not only do our media buying and create our ads, but are helping us holistically with a lot of other things as well, such as landing page feedback, website strategy discussions and campaign planning.

Lukas GräfChief Growth Officer, Trelino

Working with our team has its benefits…

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Save time and money by hiring professionals with years of firsthand experience in testing, learning, and implementing what works for our seven-figure clients.
Your company will be able to reach “high intent” customers who are ready to buy.
You won’t have to worry if your advertising is working. We have proven results and everything we do with ads is measurable.
We have a diverse client portfolio that we draw ideas and proven techniques from to improve your advertising.
We work with your team as if we are all part of a larger team – your success is our success.
You will know exactly what’s happening with your advertising results and budget through our detailed reports.

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